Our Team

We are bound by our shared values, and by our vision to offer farmers a sustainable and affordable solution to nutrient management.


Read below about the values that guide our work, and the people who have come together to make it all happen.

Our Values


We believe that if you are able to strike a balance between all the significant facets of life, you will have the courage to chase bigger goals. We think that workforce diversity and work-life management are critical to unlocking our collective and unique talents.

Intellectual Honesty

We're incredible optimists, but have the discipline to see things clearly. We love to debate our strong views, but value a “growth mindset”: entering every situation to learn, not to defend our ideas for personal gain or prove we’re the smartest in the room. We have opinions, but the customer holds all of the facts. 


We are really competitive, but we treat each other, we treat customers, we treat partners with honesty, transparency and respect. In balancing all of this, we exhibit a "generosity of spirit", that is, we give each other the benefit of doubt even in the most difficult situations.


We define innovation as the ability to generate new ideas and to execute the ideas such that they have a meaningful impact on our company and on the world. We love the continuous challenge of inventing, implementing and finishing


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