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...to the Farmer

We're here for the farmers.



We provide the tools to enable both productive, profitable agriculture as well as the continued stewardship of your land and your mission to feed the world.



Nutrient Runoff:

​As nutrient loss into neighboring waterways represents both a waste of expensive fertilizer, as well as a significant impact on the environment, Kula Bio's microbial products do better. The on-demand nature of the biofertilizer ensures that nitrogen is only produced in the soil as the plant needs it.


Pathogen Risk:

Most organic fertilizers are waste products of some form, often carrying a significant risk of pathogen transmission to your crops, and to the end consumer. Kula Bio's manufacturing cultivates a safe, high quality, pure cultures of a non-pathogenic, non-genetically modified bacteria.



...to the World

Agriculture is intimately tied to the climate and environment.

Kula Bio's microbial fertilizers work to reduce climate impacts stemming from both the production and use of agricultural fertilizers.



Reducing Emissions:

Synthetic N relies heavily on unsustainable fossil-fuels, the largest source of emissions and energy consumption of any industrial chemical process. Once in the field, much of this chemical fertilizer turns into nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas ~300 times more potent than CO₂.

Kula Bio's process eliminates the need to burn fossil fuels for energy, capturing carbon as microbial biomass headed for the soil.

Carbon Sequestration:

Our microbial product is a big source of C into the soil. This supplemental source jump starts the activity of the soil microbiome to reduce the loss of soil organic matter, and build healthier, more productive land.


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