Our Technology

We have focused on what farmers have told us:

It's all about the soil.


Healthy soils + Kula Bio's robust  bacteria delivers more for less

Our process fortifies microbes with Kula Carbon: a trick they taught us themselves. Packed with their own source of energy and nutrients, they're ready for the field.

Our technology is robust. We've picked the right bacteria, taken from the soil itself.

We feed them sustainably to drive down cost and do better by farmers. Along the way, our team of engineers have broken many of the rules of bio-manufacturing: brewing our microbes more like beer than expensive pharmaceuticals. 

Kula Carbon is an internal food source that makes them self-sufficient and able to thrive in any soil.

They're natural soil bacteria, already adapted to survive in the real world. And the surplus of Kula Carbon goes to feed the rest of the soil microbiome, enriching the health and productivity of your soil.

Our microbes are hardy. There's only so much soil carbon to go around, and native microbes have evolved to take the lion's share of this pool.

Other inoculants and GMOs cannot compete for this food source,  and are unable to perform in this starved state. 

Read our latest White Paper to learn more about our approach.

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