The Challenge

Plants need nutrients. But current nitrogen fertilizer options force farmers to make a difficult choice:

Synthetic Nitrogen

  • Cheap

  • Precise

  • Reliable



  • Nutrient runoff

  • Water contamination

  • Soil depletion

  • Industrial accidents

  • Greenhouse gas emissions


Organic Fertilizers

  • Low nutrient runoff

  • Promotes soil health

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions


  • Expensive

  • Highly variable performance

  • Pathogen contamination risk

  • Labor intensive

  • Low energy content

Adding microbes is a powerful third option to naturally produce nitrogen in the field. But these microbes struggle to survive in the soil.

Current beneficial microbes added to plants and soil cannot compete with the native soil population for food and energy, lasting only hours after application.

Dead microbes cannot supply nitrogen.

The Kula Bio Solution

Kula Bio's process supercharges natural microbes to extend their lifetime in the field, alleviating their need to compete with other microbes for energy, and boosting their natural fertilizing abilities.

We need microbes that last longer.

Our microbes store their own energy.

Our unique approach charges up natural microbes that transform air into nitrogen fertilizer. With our reactor technology, microbes store energy derived from renewable electricity and carbon dioxide.

More energy = Stronger microbes = Better fertilization

Once applied in the field, these microbes use this stored energy to synthesize slow-release, organic nitrogen fertilizer directly in the soil.

We're bridging the cost and performance of synthetic nitrogen with the environmental impact of organic fertilizer

  • Low cost

  • Precise

  • Reliable


  • Low nutrient runoff

  • Promotes soil health

  • Zero greenhouse gas emissions


  • No food-safety risk (no pathogens)

  • Reduced labor costs

  • Safe application

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